Notes and Extra Material for The Occult Files Monologue: Anti-Witch Occult Conspiracy Theories

At the end of the previous monologue, I stated that it is important to look deeply into complicated matters. When it comes to Western Occultism. There is no Reader’s Digest version of the subject. Occultism is something that must be studied, absorbed, experimented upon, practiced, and lived.

This monologue (Bitchute: shines the light on the modern witch persecutions in the form of anti-witch occult conspiracy theories. Please, listen to the end. It is long composition on the subject of unfairness toward witches in society and in court.

This past year has been especially difficult for many of us because of a frenzy of anti-witch conspiracy theories involving allegations of Illuminati witches and Satanists causing harm to children.

While the term, “witch hunt,” is a metaphor used by Christians when they want to denote false accusations against their own members. But for actual witches and pagans, it’s a problem that has never entirely gone away. The persecution has only changed its form.

One of the new forms of witch hunting is the formulation and distribution of anti-witch occult conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theory world is one dominated by Christians and they see us as their enemies for reasons described in some detail in this audio-video monologue.

When people believe outrageous lies about witches, pagans and members of our occult community, it creates a dangerous environment for us.

For instance, a recent incident of a house, known as the Halloween House, burned in The Witchcraft District of Poughkeepsie, has some people wondering if there is a “new Satanic Panic” brewing.

Arson in the Witchcraft District of Poughkeepsie:

Members of our community are forced to live in the broom closet in order to maintain employments. This problem is exemplified by the lawsuit against Panera Bread. Panera Bread:

Legal Document:

The truth is the “Satanic Panic,” fueled in the 1980s by a combination of Televangelists, many of whom were bilking the elderly and committing sex crimes, and unscrupulous television talk show hosts, has never really ended.

Geraldo Rivera: Devil’s Worship: Exposing Satan’s Underground

Assault on Heavy Metal and headbangers:

Satanic Panic: War On Heavy Metal in 1980’s | Ft Metallica & Judas Priest (includes quotes from the PMRC)

Our “representatives” in government make a religious attack on heavy metal and the 1st Amendment:

The demonization of Dungeons and Dragons players:

Defamation of Witches and Pagans

It’s a difficult thing to talk about the defamatory characterizations of and allegations against witches, pagans, and occultists because we don’t have a good public reputation to begin with. But, of course, none of this has to do with us. It has nothing to do with anything for which we are personally responsible. These are simply things in the minds of other people and those ideas have been around for a long time. But, if we’ve learned anything this last year, it would be how powerful the imagination of the masses can be, they’re given to delusions and are easily frightened into doing things that don’t make any sense. Presenting them with factual information doesn’t stop this.

People who base their beliefs on emotions and how they feel about something or someone cannot be influenced by facts. They believe what they believe because they like the way these beliefs make them feel. This is the case with the religious, in general, as well as among anti-witch occult conspiracy theorists.

If enough people believe something about you–even something obviously counter-factual and regardless of how injurious this may be to you, then that is what prevails– not just socially, but in business, and legally. The laws, such as they are, really fail us once our involvement in witchcraft is publicly known.

This is why we tend to stay in the broom closet And this is the case not just in the U.S., as you will see when when I describe what Crowley endured in the English court system in the early 20th century and you’ll also see that nothing has changed where journalism and what passes for news is concerned. Journalism, newspapers and television and the like, all are worthy of contempt, but still people believe what the read and hear from authoritative sources. Now, of course it isn’t just conventional journalists , but there is a massive contingency of anti-witch individuals and groups, especially in the so-called Truth movement and other Internet conspiracy groups.

Inaccurate information and unflattering views of witchcraft, paganism, and occultism are promoted on the Web over more authentic sources. Most major websites that purport to provide such information are completely unreliable, they are run by members of those three old enemies of ours, the three major, predominant world religions in the West, which I call the sinister trinity. But lots of individuals are willing to believe bad things about witches, pagans and occultists simply because they want to believe such things.

“The Occult” Divided Into Two Separate Categories

For the purpose of this monologue, “the occult” is divided into two main divisions. There is that which I call our occult community–our occultism–which has to do with paganism witchcraft, spiritualism, spiritual development, clairvoyance, ESP, and subjects of this kind and then there is another kind that has to do with the supreme being, God, and Judeo-Christianity and these are often fraternal organizations, which historically and often presently include in their membership only white, male Protestants. Then there are similar Catholic secret societies, and other organizations of this kind which are fraternal orders or guild societies of some kind, which have nothing to do with us–but which are regarded as part of the occult, mainly because they are hidden or closed societies.

In the world of occult conspiracy theories these two categories of the occult are often indiscriminately thrown together and spoken of interchangeably. For instance, Satanists, Luciferians, and the OTO are thrown into discussions about The Bohemian Grove, The Bilderbergs, and The Skull and Bones Society.

In many of these conspiracy theories, when they are mixing up different types of occultism, they are using occultism as a way to disparage their enemies, who are often other Christians or other members of the Sinister Trinity. They call them Satanists, Luciferians or Illuminati and this is often just a more sophisticated way of accusing them of being witches. Although sometimes, they directly accuse some public figures, especially female politicians and celebrities of being witches.

The Demonization of Illuminism by Religious Supremacists

Illuminist philosophy may be found in the establishment of the United States, especially in the bill of rights, but also in the creation of a secular republic instead of a religious republic or a monarchy in the United States. The Illuminati conspiracy theories are a remnant of an old battle that goes back to the founding of the U.S. and was between religious supremacists who wanted a religious state and a monarchy and those who wanted to have a republic and a secular republic.

Church and state were and often still are combined in Europe and elsewhere in the world. American ideas, such as those written down in the Bill of Rights, are considered dangerous. American ideas — real American ideas — are dangerous to authoritarian power structures.

It’s because Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati promoted these ideas of freedom that they were attacked by the Establishment. At the root of the conspiracy theories today, you will find the same people who want to have a religious state.

The Attack on Blavatsky and Crowley

After the Spritualist movement, there were two other very important developments in modern Western occultism. Firstly, there was the creation of The Theosophical Society, a later The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The two best known members of each of these organizations today are Madame Helena Blavtsky and Aleister Crowley respectively.

Because these two organizations are very important to us and because these two people best represent those organizations publicly, they have come under extreme attack by Christian conspiracy theorists.

Blavatsky, who was born and died in the 18th century is absurdly falsely accused of being a Nazi. The Theosophical society, as a whole, has been smeared with this epithet.

Crowley has been accused of being a Nazi along with other outlandish accusations, such as conjuring devils, participating in black masses, and sacrificing cats and abducting and sacrificing children. Then, in recent years, long after his death, he was accused of an association with the Bush family.

Fortunately, it has now come out about where this rumor all began.

According to the author of this work of fiction, which he says was a joke, it began on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, with an article he posted at his blog, (links below). Believers claimed to see a “family resemblance” between Crowley and Barbara Bush and on this basis they believed this lie, which was taken very seriously, especially by Christians, and spread all over the Web as if it were factual.

Origin of the Aleister Crowley-Bush Anti-Witch Occult Conspiracy Theory:

The Follow-up Article by the Same Author:

USA Today Fact Check the Anti-Witch Aleister Crowley-Bush Conspiracy Theory of February 28, 2021: Theory

As you will hear in the monologue, outrageous accusations against Crowley and against witches, in general, are nothing new and nothing has changed since the Middle Ages. To believe otherwise, to expect the best or expect evolution from the historical enemies of witches, is to endanger one’s self.

The Study of Occultism

The study of occultism is not a light undertaking. There is a reason that in the past, especially it was the upper often a leisure class, people of means who were involved. It takes a lot of time and sometimes resources. It really never has been for the unwashed masses.

Also when you’re looking at occult material, you’ll want to look directly at it yourself. Don’t go by what someone else says about it. For instance, go read Crowley or Blavatsky or whoever for yourself –and not random quotes—but dig deeply into its meaning. All the time I see misquotes and misinterpretations of occult materials and this is done by our enemies–by Christians. It’s hard for us to believe because we see our selves as lovable, but they really do hate us, so they make up a lot of lies and spread them around–sometimes in Sunday sermons and frequently on the Internet!

Please, listen to the entire monologue: Recorded on May 1, 2021, The Occult Files of Sophia DiGregorio–Obsidian Mirror: Esoteric Science and Occult History: “Anti-Witch Occult Conspiracy Theories” in which Sophia describes anti-witch conspiracy theories including false allegations against major figures in modern Western occultism, including Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. She describes two major areas of “the occult,” which are “our occultism” and secret societies, such as Order 322, aka. Skull and Bones, a fraternal order comprised of Christian Protestants. She talks about the deplorable state of journalism, now and in the past, and concludes with the occult conspiracy theory that Aleister Crowley is related to the Bush family. She ends with recommendations for those who would be occult initiates.




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Notes on the Monologue: Analysis and Movie Review of ‘The Premonition,’ 1976, A Parapsychological Horror-Thriller Starring Richard Lynch

(This article is reprinted from the Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism WordPress blog.) This review and analysis naturally contains spoilers. So does the author’s comprehensive audio review of the film, which may be heard at Bitchute. or Cocoscope.

Premonition_1976Quite possibly the best movie ever made on the theme of parapsychology, The Premonition, released in 1976, starring Richard Lynch, Sharon Farrell, Ellen Barber, Edward (Michael) Bell, Chitra Neogy, and Daniel Brisebois, and written and directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer.

The Premonition is an intelligent horror film, one for the thinking fan of the horror-thriller genre. The style of the film is such that if you are not paying attention, you can easily miss important details.

The syle of the film is fast-paced, but cerebral and driven by character and dialogue. There are no explosions or chases, rather the action is often in the minds of the characters and not just the mind of Sherrie, the main clairvoyant, but also in the minds of And

The script is well-written and beautifully executed. Three primary storylines are interwoven throughout the film. The music by Henry Mollicone is haunting and there are many breathtakingly beautiful scenes all throughout. The artistic aspect of the film seems to overshadow the substance of it, which is a very important statement on the nature of psychic abilities and the power of witchcraft.

Primary Themes

While the story of the film may be summarized as a story of child abduction, this is not really the primary theme. The themes of this film are far more profound and less mundane.

Clairvoyance is a major theme throughout the film. It provides a representation of how clairvoyance manifests. It also shows how clairvoyants are mistreated by skeptics.

Parapsychology is the scientific study of the metaphysical reality, especially concerning the powers of the mind, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. A great deal of modern communications and warfare technology has grown out of this study. It is an area of science in which some remnant of true scientific inquiry has remained. The orthodox science has long been under the control of corporate and political interests. Parapsychology retains the essence of true scientific inquiry and represent rebellion within the scientific establishment. Publicly, parapsychology has been subjected to ridicule, however, behind the scenes, it has been the force behind the highest forms of modern technology.

A related theme throughout the film is that of parapsychology as a metaphysical science in relation to physical science and the failures of the scientific orthodoxy to account for the metaphysical reality.

Possession by disembodied spirit seeking to reunite with her daughter and fulfill her dream of giving a piano concert plays a large role in the latter part of the film. Characters are represented as being under possession, which is exhibited by changes in their speech, behaviors, apparent desires, and abilities.

Motherhood and that which is sometimes called “Mother’s Intuition” is another theme some viewers have identified.

The Characters

The main characters:

The Hero, Professor Jeena Kingsley (Chitra Neogy)

The Antagonist, Professor Miles Bennett (Edward (Michael) Bell)

Sherrie Bennett, the adoptive mother of Janie and wife of Professor Miles Bennett (Sharon Farrell)

Jude the Clown (Richard Lynch)

Andrea, the natural mother of Janie (Ellen Barber)

The five-year old daughter Janie (Danielle Brisebois)

Symmetry in the Script

There is beautiful symmetry between the characters, which may be observed in terms of parallels and contrasts between characters and scenes.

The are parallels between the couples, that of Sherrie and her husband Professor Miles Bennet and that of Andrea and Jude. In both relationships, there is deception, hidden desires and secret agendas. Andrea deceives Jude and Mile Bennett deceives both his wife and Dr. Kingsley, at least, for a time.

Dr. Bennett represents parapsychology and Miles Bennet, the astrophysicist husband of Sherrie, represents orthodox science, or materialist science, which is referred to as “physical science” in the film. Dr. Kingsley may also be seen to represent Eastern thought and Dr. Bennett as representative of the mainstream Western world view.

Examples of contrasts between he artists and the non-artists, those who are psychically receptive and those who are not. There are contrasting scenes in the film, most notably that of the landlady in pink curlers and Jude at the farmhouse.

Other contrasting scenes, include the carnival work environment in contrast to the clinical setting of the paraphysics laboratory and the pristine, stable middle-class home of the Bennetts in contrast to Jude’s trailer and succession of shabby, temporary accommodations.

The three main story lines involve the following character pairings: Jude and Andrea; Sherrie Bennett and her adopted daughter Janie; Professor Bennett and Professor Jeena Kingsley.

Tension is achieved in scenes in which Sherrie opens the door to Janie’s bedroom or whenever the telephone rings. The music of Henry Mollicone provides the mood for many scenes, especially those involving Jude and Andrea. At times, a harpsichord is heard instead of the piano, a subtle change which affects the mood of many important scenes. In the final scene Sherrie is playing a harpsichord.

Synchronicity is part of the metaphysical reality, which is expressed this film when we see that Professor Bennett meets a parapsychologist through his workplace while his wife is experiencing clairvoyance.

Andrea goes to retrieve her daughter from the house of her adoptive mother, but fails. Andrea’s insanity consumes her and soon drives Jude to his own insanity. He murders her. She possesses him and he finds and keeps the child. At the end, the parapsychologist arranges for Sherrie to become possessed by Andrea. The child returns to both Sherrie and Andrea who now possesses Sherrie.

The ending seems open, since Andrea has entered the entranced body of Sherrie. Now both of them are the girl’s mother.

Doctors Kinglsey and Bennett are metaphors. Ultimately, the parapsychologist, Dr. Kingsley, emerges as the strong, confident hero of the story while the orthodox scientist, Dr. Bennett appears weak, uncertain, inconstant, and corrupt. Dr. Bennett is a metaphor for the scientific orthodoxy and his corruption appears in his pursuit of an extra-marital affair with his colleague Dr. Kingsley.

Significant Statements About Telepathy and Clairvoyance

There are many significant quote in the dialogue, especially made by the character Dr. Jeena Kingley, the parapsychologist.

Dr. Kingsley: Evidence of telepathy appears most readily when the unconscious minds is most receptive and it is most receptive when it is in the dream state. We can tell when the subject is dreaming through Alpha brain wave activity, pulse rates, breathing patterns, REMs (Rapid Eye Movements).

Dr. Kingsley: Trying to understand the phenomena of the real world sometimes reveals more the nature of the mind more than things.

In another scene:

Dr. Kingsley: That’s because the fundamental principles which your science is based on are incomplete.

Professor Miles Bennett: Would it help if I close my eyes?

Dr. Kingsley: You might find you can see a lot better.

In yet another scene:

Dr. Kingsley: And so the fundamental assumption of modern science is that we are separate entities and everything is external to us. This approach however obscures our true nature. Parapsychology becomes a rather philosophic and theological science at this point.

Student: What is the cause of such an illusion?

Dr. Kingsley: It arises from the structure of our nervous system and the false way we are trained as children to perceive. The clairvoyant reality is totally rejected by science and finds expression only in art, music, and religion.

And 2005 Richard Lynch Interview:

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Is your witchcraft not working as well as it used to?

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Are you feeling anxious, depressed or fearful, especially, are you afraid to be around other people?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these questions, then you need the information in this new chapter and its corresponding appendix (Appendix A).

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Below are the monologues in a recent series all related to information in the new chapter, “The Great Witch War”:

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Obsidian Mirror: Esoteric Science and Occult History, “Black Magic and Vanity,” recorded on June 27, 2020. Sophia talks about witchcraft power and the source of magic, electromagnetism, the importance of hair and near the end she provides some remedies for hair loss and other conditions. Also, try Drop.Space.

Contents Guide:
2:20: Hair
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31:00 Bonding with a Stranger
37:30 A Personal Story
1:01:40 Witch Powers
1:08:53 Hair Again
1:39:50 Second Mention of 1983 Magazine
1:44:00 Solutions

Off the Record, Obsidian Mirror: Esoteric Science and Occult History, “Review of the 1979 Movie, Vampire, Starring Richard Lynch, and Updates to the Free Ebook,” recorded June 14, 2020. Sophia reviews “Vampire,” 1979 starring Richard Lynch and describes the vampire as a metaphor and relates it to the forthcoming new chapter of her free ebook. Also, try Drop.Space.

Contents of this episode:

Introduction: 1:18
The Vampire as a Metaphor: 2:40
“Vampire” & Richard Lynch: 5:48
Vampirical Powers: 38:16
Ebook Update:
The Great Witch War: 40:00

Off the Record, April 28, 2020, Lifestyles of the Witch and Reclusive: “Jumping the Shark” and an Analysis and Review of I.T., 2016, Starring Pierce Brosnan. Sophia talks about the pop cultural influences of “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Happy Days,” and the movie, “Jaws.” She describes the origin of the phrase, “jumping the shark,” and, at 28 minutes and 44 seconds, provides an analysis and review of Pierce’s Brosnan’s 2016 film “I.T.” Also, try Drop.Space.

Off-the-Record Monologue, Obsidian Mirror: Esoteric Science and Occult History, “Black Magic: The Prelude,” recorded March 20, 2020. In this 1 hour and 47 minute-long episode, Sophia continues to talk about black magic as it relates to the current state of affairs. Also, try Drop.Space. Special thanks to The Overwatch Project, hear the latest podcast in which the host reviews two of the author’s books, “What’s Next After Wicca” and “How to Develop Advanced Psychic Abilities“: Website: Overwatch Project (

Contents of this episode:
5:00 Witchcraft and Objects of Influence
7:00 Television: Electronic Telepathy
11:20 Exciting New Technology
23:20 The Silencing
26:00 Fun at Wally World
35:30 From “Suggestions” to “Orders”
51:45 Black Magic and MindWars
1:05:50 The Insurance Policy
1:10:00 Educational Wonders
1:27:00 Happy-Home Making

The author will be going over the information in this new chapter in some upcoming monologues.

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Blockchain Witchery

Thank you for this supportive article. I am currently working to update the free ebook, “The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio Bitcoin and Altcoins Patronage Program,” with more information about the relationship between technology and magic. The relationship of witchcraft to modern technology, that of radio and electromagnetic frequencies, is profound and well-documented. The latest update to the book is full of information that readers will find highly relevant to the current worldwide situation and to their own personal lives. I believe this information will help many people, especially in the witchcraft and pagan community, because of our inherent understanding of occult scientific principles. When the updated version is published, I will announce it at my blog.



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This week Leigh Cuen writes at Coindesk, “Why Cypherpunk Witches Love Bitcoin” [1].

“I think witchcraft and crypto are deeply involved with each other,” Gallant said.
After all, Gallant said, technology is “a little bit magic to us,” something that is spoken (and coded) into existence.
(Claire Gallant quoted in [1])

Well, maybe.

It’s long been observed that science and magic, and technology and magic have similar psychological attractions:  explanatory stories, plus methods by which humans can manipulate the world.  And computer programming is especially magical, creating imaginary worlds that actually make real things happen. Software is an invisible, virtual world, created, as Gallant says, by “speaking” (or at least typing) the right incantations.

But I would say that magic and crypto share an even more critical psychological aspect: both are strongly “faith-based”.  So, yeah, I can see that a faith in the potential of witchcraft would be quite…

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Commentary, Transcripts, and Notes on “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple”

Posted below are the transcript, notes, and other information used in the preparation of this monologue, “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple” ( 22 Min.) along with some additional commentary by the author. This is a not a light subject, nor is it an especially pleasant one. But it is an important one. I recommend if you don’t have the time to read or listen to what is being said here at this moment that you, please, bookmark this page and come back and read and listen to it when you have the time to do so. This is not something that can be understood in “sound bites” or while you are distracted.

Normally, the subjects of “Satan” and “Satanism” are something I try to avoid. I try to avoid even using these terms. They cause confusion. They require a lot of explanation. Among those in the occult and pagan community, they can be divisive and, in the past, I have avoided using these terms as much as possible. In the past, I hesitated to cast a blanket judgment upon the concept of theistic Satanism, the Judeo-Christian belief in a literal Satan, however, in this monologue, I draw a firm line about this for the first time.

This monologue is about The Satanic Temple, the nature of its “Satanism,” its apparent activism, and more than anything, its attacks on survivors of child abuse and those who help them, and its denial of the existence of ritual abuse. The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction is a sub-organization within this Christian organization, which refers to alleged victims of child abuse as “witch hunters” and the accused abusers as “witches.”

If you are concerned about the matter of child abuse, then you might want to learn about The Satanic Temple, its origin, its influences, and see what it’s all about. Of course, if you don’t think childhood abuse is a big deal–and lots of people seem to be encouraging it these days–then, by all means ignore the information here, write out your donation check to the “Satanists,” and chime in with them when they scream, “Hail Satan!”

The Satanic Temple is a religion. Its spokesman promotes religion. When you join this organization, you are joining a religion–a Christian religion. Before you join any kind of church, it’s a good idea to find out what the religion is all about. That’s good advice any time.

If you want to know what these posers who call themselves Satanists and witches are all about, then get ready to dig in. You can listen to the monologue here: “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple.”

Transcripts and Notes for: “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple”

The following is the transcript and notes used in the preparation of Off-the-Record Monologue of February 26, 2020, “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple.” Of course, this monologue is meant for listening, however, many books, blogs, and websites are referenced in the monologue, some–but not all–of which are directly linked below.

Monologue Description: Sophia unmasks the activist posers of The Satanic Temple, a Christian church rooted in the apocalpytic cult, The Process Church of the Final Judgment and its ancestor religion The Church of Scientology. Their sub-organization The Grey Faction is accused of harassing victims of extreme child abuse and attacking the psychiatric professionals who help them. If you’re concerned about victims of child abuse, and so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA, and you want to learn what these “activists” get up to when they’re not promoting their goat-man statue and engaging in perverse performance art, then Sophia will show you how to start researching this nefarious church of Satanic posers.

In order to fully understand this monologue, it may be helpful to listen to the the following previous monologues and articles:

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Witchcraft is Occultism, Not Political Activism” (About the attempt to “identity correct” witches, witchcraft and occultism by political activists.)

Related Monologues:

Impostors: Witches and Occultists Are Being Impersonated and Defamed by Political Activists

Identity Correction” Political Activists Lie, Impersonate Witches and Occultists” (Learn about the techniques being used by activists associated with The Satanic Temple)

The Making of Aleister Crowley: The Darbyites and Evangelicalism (Learn how the concept of “The End Times,” “Armageddon,” or “The Apocalpyse” entered not only Christianity, but the popular culture.)

A Personal Experience with Multiple Personality Disorder, Now Called “Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

The Transcript and Notes:

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, I am Sophia diGregorio, author of a number of books on traditional witchcraft and the occult. This episode of my Occult Files, recorded on February 26, 2020, is an off-the-record-monologue in the category of my files I call, Obsidian Mirror: Esoteric Science and Occult History. It is entitled, “The Christian Deception of The Satanic Temple.”

This is going to be a long, information-packed episode about the origins and character of The Satanic Temple. I’m going to provide you with plenty of evidence, even proof positive, of the Satanic Temple’s relationship to the Process Church of the Final Judgment, an apocalyptic Christian church, founded by two outcasts from the Church of Scientology. Both the Church of Scientology and The Process Church of the Final Judgment are churches that strongly influenced Charles Manson in his creation of the so-called Manson Cult, which was also an apocalyptic cult. So, if you are interested in this subject, you may want to keep a pen and paper handy so you can jot down some names, websites, blogs, and books, which I’m going to mention in the course of this monologue. The books I’m going to mention are all freely available online.

I have a lot to say about The Satanic Temple here, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to be learned about them and I’m sure some of this information I’m going to share with you will eventually become known to members of the gullible general public, who having no familiarity with occultism, will apparently believe just about anything they’re told about the subject via mass media, regardless of how contradictory or unlikely it is. I hate to quote P.T. Barnum so I won’t, but it really is frightening sometimes to realize how easily deceived, and even gladly deceived many people are. The Satanic Temple is an example of the willingness of some people to be deceived, especially if the message makes them feel good.

The Satanic Temple first appeared in mainstream media in January of 2013 in Florida where they orchestrated the “identity correction”– that is they arranged for the impersonation of– a ritual abuse survivor and counselor of child abuse survivors, against whom they appear to harbor a long-standing grudge, while pretending to be Satanists in support a Republican candidate, whom they disliked. and the media ran with the story without bothering to verify any details of it. Then, they appeared, again, soon after, pulling what looked like a frat boy’s prank at Harvard, again in the guise of Satanists, which caused great alarm to some local Catholics.

The Satanic Temple’s two apparent founders are Cevin Soling, who also uses the pseudonym Malcolm Jarry (Malcolm is a name with Kabbalistic significance, in relation to Old Testament child sacrifice, as I described in a previous monologue, entitled “Oh God, You Devil“); and his co-founder is Douglas Misicko, aka. Doug Mesner. Mesner is the public face of the Satanic Temple and in this position as its spokesman, he is known as Lucien Greaves. From here on, I will refer to him simply as Mesner.

The Satanic Temple is a multi-faceted organization and there seem to be many layers to the different aspects of it, and every time you peel back one layer, there is another one.

At first, this organization gives the appearance of being some kind of occult organization, specifically an organization like Anton LaVey’s The Church of Satan. This is how they first represented themselves and they continue to be represented this way by others in all forms of media. Then, right beneath that layer they say they are really a political activist group, yet they insist that they are a serious religion and that they are sincere in their Satanism. You will hear some people, a lot of public atheists and activists, talk about them and about Satanism in general as if it is a joke, all tongue in cheek and the people who do this often seem to believe that they are insiders, party to some inside joke being played on the public. But, really the joke is on them.

At its core, the Satanic Temple is a Christian church. It is a religion rooted in apocalyptic beliefs related to concepts of Jehovah and Jesus and the dark side of their God, which they refer to as Satan and in which Satan is a pathway to God, a subordinate and a mediator, much like a Catholic saint is a mediator between humans and God in Catholicism. In public statements, Mesner has defended his brand of Satanism against that of the Church of Satan by saying that there is more than one interpretation of Satanism, and, of course, this is true–there is the Judeo-Christian interpretation of Satanism, which is the one they appear to be using. So, when they say, “Satanism” and occultists say “Satanism, we are not talking about the same things. Likewise, The Satanic Temple’s definitions of some of their frequently-used terms, like “supernatural,” “reason,” “science” and “psychology” are also informed by their root religions of Scientology and the Process, which is the religion of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. For example, in their religion, God is supernatural, as Mesner often says, and “supernatural” means removed from human experience, by contrast Satan is earthly and, therefore, not supernatural. Now, this is not occultism, this is Judeo-Christianity and I am only explaining to you their Christian religious view of Satan.

In any case, the general public and, in fact, many of those calling themselves members of the Satanic Temple–which anyone can become a member of the Satanic Temple and declare themselves a Satanist-just visit their site, read the “Seven Tenets” and you’re in–the Satanic Temple members appear to be clueless about Satanism, as that term is understood in modern occultism, or anything to with occultism or witchcraft,* often confusing the organization to which they belong with the Church of Satan. Among members of the satanic temple are many performance artists who engage in theatrical performances, which they call their rituals, in which these artists/protesters dress up as Goths and sometimes they wear Bondage and Discipline gear, often submissive chains and collars and then they do something obscene, disturbing thing to get attention, supposedly for some political cause. This type of performance art combined with ritual as protest is described at the activist networking site, and if you go there and read about it, you will gain a better understanding of what the activists appear to be doing. But, activism is really just the outer circle of this organization, and it’s a way to acquire donations.

If you are familiar with modern Satanism and other things to do with occultism, The first time you ever see these people, right away you know something is more than a little bit off. When you hear them talk about Satanism or witchcraft, it is apparent that they have no knowledge of occultism. So, I’ve looked into the organization on and off before, especially when they make the news–and they’ve been on Fox News, MSNBC the BBC and other major television outlets, or when they show up debating or appearing to partner with atheist organizations who are also political activists. And, I’ve listened to a lot of their speeches online. The first time I knew something deeply wrong with them was when I ran across a YouTube video, featuring Lucien Greaves and a woman speaker, in which they tried to reframe accused pedophiles as falsely accused witches and their victims as witch hunters. This really got my attention because, of course, there are some among the occult community who are actual witches and occultists with degrees in psychology, who assist police in matters to do with occultism and who work to help victims of ritual child abuse in their recovery. In fact, quite a few members of the occult community are adult survivors of abuse in Christian organizations, some were ritually abused. Commonly, ritual abuses take place in Christian organizations, including some that call themselves Satanists, but are actually apocalpytic Christians, intent on ushering in their anti-christ, whom they call “Satan.”

But let me try to clarify for anyone listening who is not deeply involved in occultism,what is the meaning of the word, “atheist” in occultism in general and in Satanism, in particular. In the world of occultism most modern Satanists are, in fact, atheists–just as the satanic temple claims–this is true, but this term, “atheist,” is one that, because of Darwinists like Richard Dawkins, is often misunderstood by the public to mean other things– and the Satanic Temple is manipulating the public’s confusion about the term, “atheist,” and using this term “atheistic Satanist” to confuse the public further. The fact is that most Satanists are atheists, but they are not usually the materialist variety. They’re not usually atheists like the members of the skeptic community are atheists or the Atheist Community of Austin are atheists. They simply do not believe in God, as in the Sinister trinity’s god, nor any other god nor goddess, nor a supreme being–a concept associated with the Sinister Trinity, nor any other type of overarching spiritual authority figure. That’s all the term, “atheist,” means. It doesn’t imply anything else. For instance, the term, atheist, doesn’t imply that they are materialists or evolutionists, as members of the non-occult public assume. They are, in fact, occultists. Most modern Satanists and many other occultists, including traditional witches, are atheists–but we are also occultists.

Some gullible members of the public think they are really being educated by Mesner and members of the Satanic Temple when they say that Satanists are really, do-gooders, who are really just atheists, with the concept of materialism implied in that term, atheist. They believe it when Mesner says that Satanists are really charitable, benevolent, kind, compassionate and empathetic, doing good, and looking out for your legal rights. You have to wonder what other absurdities you could get people to believe, if they believe that. And, based on what I’ve read about the activists associated with this organization, this is probably something they have a good laugh about in private, when the cameras aren’t rolling.

To be clear, Satanism is many things, but it is not charitable, Satanists are not do-gooders- and empathy and compassion for others are emotions kept in reserve. Satanism is a form of occultism. So, while some individuals may feel that there is a political component to it–because apparently some individuals feel there is a political component to everything– then that is one individual’s view of it, however, this does not change the fact that Satanism is not political activism. Satanism is occultism. It is a philosophy, a spiritual practice, even a religion, but LaVeyan Satanism, in particular, is opposed to charity, and are many independent Satanists in the U.S., who also do not believe in charity. This means they don’t give to charities, they do not form charities, and by extension many are opposed to social welfare programs.

The Satanic Temple’s claims of charitability, benevolence, compassion, and doing good, are characteristics of Christianity and they are ideas that are supposedly valued by Christians. But, the Satanic Temple is going around using the Church of Satan’s imagery and pretending to set the record straight with the public about Satanism. It’s remarkable how many people, many who pride themselves on their intelligence and wit in debates,and their supposed rationality and reliance on reason, have fallen for this.

The Satanic Temple is apparently trying to “identity correct” the Church of Satan, and by extension other aspects of occultism including the nature of witches and witchcraft. I described “identity correction” in the previous monologue. The term, “identity corrrection” comes from political activists at They are trying to rebrand the Church of Satan and have essentially stolen their iconography and for all practical purposes are impersonating Satanists. There is an entire campaign against witches and witchcraft right now, which appears to be related to these activists, attempting to “identity correct” and rebrand us as well. For some of us, this isn’t our first rodeo. We dealt with this before back in the 1990 when Wicca went mainstream here in the U.S. It turned out to be mostly beneficial to us, however, that was different because Wiccans, for the most part, are actually looking for something to do with witchcraft and occultism, even if it is just religion fellowship. By contrast, these people are trying to hijack the interests of anyone looking into the witchcraft and occultism and redirect them into some form of political activism.

But the Satanic Temples’ version of satanism and their apparent political activism represent only the first two levels of this organization. There is more…

If you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that activism and protecting the Bill of Rights isn’t really what they’re about, either. For one thing, they have not really accomplished much in this area despite their spokesman’s bragging about how useful they are and the highly suspicious proliferation of articles online praising their political activism.

Their role playing games and the political activism all seems to be a cover for some other activities, which will not be entirely unfamiliar to you, especially with regard to other apocalpytic Christian religions. And what they are doing that appears to be fund raising and political activism is, in fact, a form of evangelism. In my recent monologue, “The Making of Aleister Crowley: The Darbyites and Evangelicalism,” I talk about a number of things that pertain to this subject, including the origins of the modern belief in the apocalpyse, armageddon, or the end times, where it originated and how it entered the popular consciousness. I also talk about the religious right and the far less often address religious left. The Satanic Temple is littered with members of the religious left and even if they say they are secularists, their ideas come from the Judeo-Christian left.

At the core of the Satanic Temple is another organization called the Grey Faction, with which they are apparently running interference for ritual abusers, such as those found in Christian churches, in Scientology, as well as in more mainstream Christianity, such as Catholicism and Mormonism, as well as in forms of Judeo-Christianity sometimes calling themselves Satanists, but which are religious anti-theists, better described as devil-worshipers—these are crimes committed mostly against minors, often very young children and despite the claims of Mesner and the Grey Faction, there is no shortage of evidence that these crimes occur. (See, for example , Pace Memo.)

Mesner has advocated for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation,* an organization founded in 1992 and reportedly dissolved in December of 2019, which was established to protect adults from allegedly false accusations of abuse made by children. Mesner often references the McMartin Preschool case in his speeches and cites it as an example of the persecution of innocents, whom he frames as hunted witches; and he reframes the children and the therapists working in this field of psychology as the witch hunters. So, you see there is some more identity correction going on .

Some victim advocates and some survivors of child ritual abuse have accused the Satanic Temple and Mesner, in particular, of harassing them and you don’t have to look far to find these allegations online. I will tell you where you can begin your search near the end of this episode.

Since The Satanic Temple recently registered their organization with the IRS as a Christian organization, there is no doubt that they are, in fact, Christians and quite likely theistic Satanists–or what are sometimes called spiritual satanists. They might be considered anti-theistic Satanists depending on how the term, “theist,” is defined. There is a great deal of evidence to lead credence to the obvious, at this point, even apart from their own official statement to the IRS.

The IRS is the law enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve System in the U.S., lying to them is dangerous. The fact that The Satanic Temple declared themselves to be a Christian organization cannot be satire as the co-founder, Mesner, claims, because the IRS is not an organization that appreciates jokes, nor do I believe that it is for the expedience of their political activism, which he has given as an alternative explanation, since that, too, appears to be a cover and a ruse to garner donations. So, there is every reason to take the Satanic Temple at face value when they state on an official document, signed under penalty of perjury, that they are Christians.

They appear to be an offshoot of a religion whose members are believers in God, whom they also call Jehovah and Jesus, whose dark side they call both Satan and Lucifer. This religion is an offshoot of Scientology, which is known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment. That organization is dissolved and now there is a new version of it known simply as The Process, to which Mesner quite evidently has a very close connection.

You can see for yourself the original web pages of the Satanic Temple before they decided that it would be more expedient for them to pose as atheistic Satanists. You will find a link to an archived page of their original website at The Church of Satan’s website where they have an article entitled “The Satanic Temple Fact Sheet” and if you are really interested in this subject, you will likely want to give this more than a cursory glance. I’ve spent hours looking just at the information available at links at their web page. In one instance, a link takes you to an earlier website belonging to the satanic temple, which has been archived. There you will see what I am now going to read to you:


There are many indications of The Satanic Temple’s relationship to the Process Church of the Final Judgment and, traced through this organization, to The Church of Scientology. The Process Church may be considered both a Christian and Satanic organization. In their version of the end times, after armageddon, Jesus Christ and Satan will reconcile and become one.

There other clues that Mesner and the Satanic Temple are connected to the Process Church and related churches.

Not the least of these is to be found at:, where there is a documentary video, entitled “Our History with The Process.” The description of the documentary reads as follows: Lucien Greaves and William Morrison discuss their long history with The Process Church of The Final Judgment preceding the exclusive release of Neil Edwards documentary “Sympathy For The Devil” on The Satanic Temple TV. William talks about the origin story of the Skinny Puppy album “The Process,” his relationship with Genesis P-Orridge, and how he came to know Lucien and the underground chapters of The Process long before the birth of The Satanic Temple. This documentary is available only to members.

There are two organizations being spoken about here, one is the original Process Church of the Final Judgment and the other is a new organization founded by Genesis P-Orridge, which is simply referred to as “The Process.” Their website is I will talk about this in few minutes.

But first, I want to briefly explain the basic doctrine of the original church, so you can see why they are a Judeo-Christian organization and why they are also regarded as a Satanic one by some people:

The literature of the original Process Church literature describes a belief in four aspects of God, which are Jehovah, Jesus, Lucifer, and Satan, which they designate as separate entities but also part of a unified concept of God. In the Process Church of the Final Judgment some members choose to follow a spiritual path to God through Satan, thus providing a definition of Satanism that is unique to their apocalyptic cult. They believe in an apocalpyse, after which Jesus and Satan will stop opposing each other and come together as one.

The Process Church of the Final Judgment was regarded by some people as a Satanic church. So, when Mesner insists that he is a Satanist and counters the Church of Satan with a statement to the effect that they are not the sole authority on the definition of Satanism, he is likely referring to the Process Church’s definition of Satanism. And this is reflected in the statement made about God and Satan on the original version of the Satanic Temple website, which I read to you. Another word for Mesner’s different view of Satanism is simply: Christianity.

It is common for members of the Sinister Trinity to refer to the dark side of their god as Satan and Lucifer (and in the Hebrew portion of the Bible as Molech and Baal). But, in occultism, we have a different understanding of these terms and we use them differently. Since we tend to operate outside the Judeo-Christian paradigm, we often interpret “Satan” as a scapegoat, and a word that means, “enemy,” although there are many other interpretations. I describe the meaning of “Satan” at greater length in my monologue, called “Oh God, You Devil.”

Since I find everything to do with the Satanic Temple and their apparent political activism disgusting, I probably won’t linger long on the subject, unless they give me further reason to do so. If you’ve followed my my recent monologues and articles on this subject, then you know why I bothered to look into this Christian Church called The Satanic Temple. It is because these people and their activist minions have stopped driving in their own lanes and have begun swerving into mine, to use a metaphor.

It is interesting how they have come to dominate the search engines and how there are so many articles promoting them and promoting their lies and deceit,–and none of these so-called journalists ever bother to investigate their claims– and this–along with the direct assault on my identity by activists posing as journalists, has prompted me to have to say that witchcraft is not political activism. Occult really does mean occultism and not political activism and the being a witch is not about wearing a halloween costume and calling yourself a feminist. And I might as well add especially for members of the atheist-skeptic-Darwinist community that the term, Satanist,” is not a Little Orphan Annie secret code word for materialist atheist or atheist activist, or something else.

For occultists, The Satanic Temple and their related activists and prevaricators have become a small annoyance, so far, but one that must be dealt with. And, as I say, there is much more about this organization that is very disturbing, and I’ll get to that toward the end of this monologue.

Among other things, The Satanic Temple and its representatives are also trying to convince people that LaVeyan-style Satanism has become unpopular or perhaps that occultism, in general, has died down in popularity, but this is not true. Occultism and especially aspects of it like Satanism and traditional witchcraft are underground and always have been. Just because you don’t see traditional witches and other occult practitioners jumping out in front of cameras, giving interviews and making speeches doesn’t mean that people are not practicing witchcraft and occultism as much as they ever were. Interest in the occult and the number of occultists seems to be quite vast. We are neighbors, co-workers, even friends and most people do not know what we are or what we do in private. That is simply the nature of occultism. So, just because members of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, or Karla LaVeys First Satanic Church, or John Allee, also known as Lord Egan’s First Church of Satan, and number of anonymous occultists who are known as independent Satanists are not in the mainstream media, giving interviews on FoxNews doesn’t mean they haven’t been active as occultists. But you have to go looking for occultism that is more than playing dress up. It’s probably never going to be on the front page of your newspaper or trending on your Android app.

The Satanic temple’s Assertion that they are literary Satanists, who take their concept of Satan from the likes of Milton and Dante is a pretty weak one. This is their claim today. Originally, they espoused theistic Satanism and it seems they changed their tactic, probably because, as it turns out, theistic satanism is not all that popular–it’s not going to open doors at the atheist-skeptic community and people in the occult community, I include myself, are suspicious of theistic satanism because it usually looks a lot like Judeo-Christianity–and often it is. Theistic Satanists often have a difficult time trying to explain themselves in a way that is acceptable over even understandable to members of the occult community and the pagan community who want nothing to do with the Sinister Trinity. In the past the satanic Temple claimed,on their website, a belief in a spirit they call Satan, who is a mediator–like a saint–between man and God.

But the appearance of atheism and rational skepticism, which is a facet of the Satanic Temple’s current public presentation of itself, comes from yet another organization attributed to Mesner, which is called Reason Alliance, Ltd., it is registered by the same person in Massachusetts, Mesner whose legal name is Douglas Misicko, the same as the other Trademarks he has registered.

Altogether, Mesner as Misicko and the Satanic Temple have 4 trademarks, which you can find if you poke around the Church of Satan’s Fact Sheet on these posers. They have registered “The Satanic Temple,” “The United Federation of Churches, LLC,” the name, “Lucien Greaves” is also trademarked and they have another registered trademark for “Reason Alliance, Ltd.”

The United Federation of Churches is the organization name they used to sue Netflix over their use of the Satanic Temple’s baphomet, which they used without permission in a Netflix show called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – You’ll find the documentation for this at,_Inc_et_al I’ll talk more about the Satanic Temple’s uniquely perverse rendition of Eliphas Levi’s baphomet in a few minutes. Netflix can almost be excused for their mistaken use of it because Mesner is constantly running around claiming that is an ancient representation of his religion of Satanism. He has made public statements to that effect on mainstream television news. Obviously, someone there at Netflix took him on his word about this, unfortunately for them–because it’s not true, as demonstrated by the details of this lawsuit, which was settled out of court.

The website for the trademarked apparently secular organization, Reason Alliance is According to their website, Reason Alliance is supportive of the Satanic Temple and the Grey faction, but actually it’s Mesner’s organization and if you wanted to donate to the satanic temple, this would be a way to do it without the name “Satanic Temple” showing up on your checks and credit card receipts.

If you look at the Reason Alliance website they have the same Seven tenets, as the Satanic Temple. The number 7 has all kinds of possible significance, but Christians seem to love the number 7. It is important to understand that on the religious left, especially among those members of the Sinister Trinity who are most difficult to talk about publicly, secularism and religion are not always clearly divided. The believers and the unbelievers both are very interested in furthering common goals often of a social, political, or governmental, and especially a financial nature.

[The “Seven Tenets” or “The Values We Promote” from Reason Alliance:

If you are even a little bit familiar with the Satanic Temple, then you are probably already familiar with their Seven Tenets, so I will just point out that terms, such as “reason,” and “scientific understanding of the world,” may have a different meaning in the religious philosophy of Mesner and the religions from which they appear to be derived, which include Scientology.

[Their original “Nine Tenets”:

According to its website, Reason Alliance is a non-profit that promotes pluralism, fights for reproductive rights women, protects children from abuse, especially at school (this influence comes from Mesner’s co-founder Cevin Soling), and defends the unfairly or unjustly marginalized–so they say. (Now, I will point out something that might be important which is that in the United States, the privately educated and the state-school also called public school educated in the U.S. really have experienced two different types of education, and education with a different outcome in mind. I know this having been mostly privately educated myself and we would spend days and weeks in analysis of a subject, and in debate of such things as moral or legal concepts, with this being an exercise in presentation and analysis with no one right answer in mind. One of the things taught in private schools, which turn out doctors, lawyers and professional sophists, which is less emphasized in pubic schools which are much more about rote learning, is to learn to take a position, even one you do not personally hold and sometimes especially one you do not personally hold, and argue it, and win in a debate. Mesner and those around him are practiced in participating in and even sometimes winning arguments about beliefs they do not sincerely hold. That is part of private school education and especially Catholic private school, such as that taught by the Benedictines and the Jesuits. So, it easy for someone who has had years of this kind of education to take any position and defend it as if it were a sincerely held belief. This is important to understanding what you are seeing with Mesner in relation to his apparent atheism and his ability to appeal to the atheist, skeptic, and humanist communities— and he has been a featured speaker at national conferences hosted by American Atheists,[10] the American Humanist Association,[11] and the Secular Student Alliance, as well as popular athiest groups like the Atheist Community of Austin. This is how a theistic Satanist would be easily be able to manage such a thing, it is second nature because of his education.

The original Process Church of the Final Judgment was founded by and comprised of old hippies, members of the religious left. There is now a new organization, related to the Process Church, simply called The Process. They may be found at the website, If you look into the original organization, you will see that the new organization is using the old Process Church’s logo, which looks like the combination of an iron cross and the swastika.

Mesner has posted some articles about his “Grey faction” at the blog, which features this logo in the background. You’ll find his writings, as Lucien Greaves, on a page there without a clear title: it is

Once you are there, you will see that it says: The blog for Loki der Quaeler, Doug Mesner and William Morrison — it’s where we air our dirty laundry, yak about whatever comes to mind, and of course…change the course of history!…

Then there is a quote from Mesner, which says:

There is a network of delusional witch-hunters in the mental health profession, and we must stop them

by doug — February 5, 2016

If you scroll down that page, you’ll see an article that exemplifies the kinds of things the grey faction and Mesner typically say in relation to ritual abuse. The article is entitled, “Where the Witch-hunters are: Satanic Panic and Mental Health Malpractice,” by doug posted January 6, 2015. It says: This piece was written in collaboration with Sarah Ponto Rivera, who is a woman who goes around giving similar speeches about accused child abusers being hunted witches and their victims being witch hunters.

Also, if you see some pictures of Mesner, you will see that he bears a tattoo on his left arm, just above the elbow, of this same symbol of the Process Church of the Final Judgment.

The Process Church is comprised of Christians who believe that Satan or Lucifer plays a role in the apocalypse and they are doing their part in helping this fictional story along –all of which is based on the bible and the work of Christian heretics, especially John Nelson Darby, They believe in doing Evangelicalism to get people to wake up and prepare for the tribulation. The Satanic Temple appearstobe an off-shoot of the Process Church of the Final Judgement, which is an offshoot of Scientology.

The Grey Faction fights against pseudo science within psychiatry and psychology–this is similar to the Scientology position on such matters. The name grey faction, appears to be an homage to the process church’s, which uses the term, “The Grey Force” or The Grey Forces. The Satanic Temple has another website for this organization, which is I will elaborate more on the Grey faction and it’s likely origins in a few minutes, because it appears to have more than one inspiration.

Before I go any further let me tell you about a book, called “Might is Right,” in case you are not already familiar with it, because it figures into some things in the case of both the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple.

Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard is a book that has frequently banned, probably because it reveals some aspects of the human condition, and the nature of at least some humans, which some powerful people benefit from keeping hidden. It has been influential on many men. I recommend that you read and evaluate the contents of it for yourself. You can find a digital rendition of the 1927 edition of the book at It was first published in 1896 and it describes what is known as “social Darwinism.” It is a book about how men should behave in society to live in accordance with the supposedly natural laws described by the Christian author Charles Darwin. This book informed Anton LaVey in his construction of the Church of Satan. A man man named Shane Bugbee, who says he was the last Satanic priest ordained by LaVey before his death, was working with LaVey on producing a new print publicaton of the book, Might is Right, with Doug Mesner providing the art work for it. (This is said in some audio and video material still to be found online.) To call the book, Might is Right, Machavellian would be too weak of a description. After all, Machiavelli was not a sadist. Might is Right is written in a highly emotional, bombastic style. The writing style of the 1927 edition looks pretty fresh. It looks like it could have been written by one of those mass killers who from time to time shoot up yoga studios or maybe a sorority house. Some critics of the book have said that it promotes the idea of Anglo-Saxon Supremacy. It is critical of Europeans who submitted to Judeo-Christianity, while simultaneous it promotes Judeo-Christian values, transparently trying to pass them off as ancient Norse pagan values. At least, it doesn’t include a moral code or 7 tenets as a shield. Its author advocates for the enslavement of women and girls by their fathers and by other men and says that children, borne by women, belong to men–so it is not a feminist tract, by any means. In fact, its author has almost as many unkind things to say about women and girls as the fine Judeo-Christian men who authored Malleus Maleficarum. The general idea promoted in this book is that anyone who is physically weaker or smaller than you, especially a woman or child, is subject to whatever violence you wish to perpetrate on them.

Might is Right having been part of Anton Lavey’s inspiration for the Church of Satan has been the cause of a great deal of criticism of him and the organization, mostly bringing accusations of anti-semitism. But, of course, the Church of Satan has never pretended to fight for legal the rights of women or minorities.

Since Mesner is familiar with the book, Might is Right, having provided the illustrations for Shane Bugbee’s newest release of the book, which is superficially anti-Judeo-Christian, while promoting the same Judeo-Christian values, especially the family values, of the Sinister Trinity, it may figure into the philosophy of Mesner– the one that is hidden behind the 7 tenets, the organization’s moral code–because that’s what moral codes are for… they are for creating a shield behind which to hide one’s crimes or the crimes of members of an organization.

The same philosophy, which may be found in Might is Right, may also be revealed in the Satanic Temple’s curious and deviant rendition of Eliphis Levis baphomet, in which two little children are seen lovingly gazing up at the half-man, half goat creature, which is a symbol of, among other things, male sexual liberation…the goat being pan, Dionysus, especially in its male form—the original Levi version was not so masculine and, in fact, obviously human female, of course– and the Satanic Temple version of the baphomet, is noticeably masculinized when compared to the original. Again, Mesner has given some likely-sounding explanations about why they made such changes to the original iconography, but anyone who knows what the goat means, then hears the invitation for children to “sit on the lap of the statue” could easily come to certain conclusions…and I think you know exactly where I ‘m going here.

Now, let me direct your attention to the WordPress blog of an author named Daniel K. Buntovnik:

If you go to his WordPress blog, you will see that he has written an entire book, the entire contents of which he has placed on his WordPress blog: This very interesting ebook is entitled, “Anatomy of a Crypto-Fascist Sect: The Unauthorized Guide to “The Satanic Temple.” This is the description of the book, published in 2019: The book is described as follows: “Daniel K. Buntovnik’s latest work is a major investigative exposé of crypto-fascism, white supremacism, anti-psychiatry fanaticism, historical revisionism, and sexism and misogyny within the “new religious movement” known as modern Satanism and its foremost proponents inside The Satanic Temple.” At his twitter account, he describes himself as a “Leftist migrant worker. Writer of political fiction & non-fiction.”

In this ebook, its author makes exhaustive revelations about the Satanic Temple, including information about connections to The Process Church of the Final Judgment, the Christian church that spun off the Church of Scientology; and he gives many other clues about the organization and its apparent founder or founders.

Buntovnik talks quite a bit throughout the book about The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction, which is the sub-organization that is part of the Satanic Temple, which attempts to discredit diagnoses of Dissosciative Identity Disorder and other conditions associated with childhood sex abuse, especially ritualized abuse, which they claim does not exist. They are especially adamant that there is no such thing as a repressed childhood memories involving sex abuse.

Buntovnik talks about the Grey Faction the most in the chapter entitled, “The “Grey” Metaphor: From “Force” to “Faction” Posted on 20 April 2019

In this chapter, he describes the evidence of the influences of the process church upon the satanic temple. He talks about the use of the term, grey,” in both the Grey Forces of the process church and the satanic temple’s grey faction. Also, he references an English art and music collective, called “Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth,” founded by Genesis P-Orridge among others, who is a founder or co-founder of the new version of the Process Church, called simply The Process. Genesis P-Orridge is an unusual person and, to find out what I mean by that, I suggest just looking up anything about this man, which you might find at a typical online British tabloid, especially if you look up his full name: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Among the literture once distributed by his organization was”Thee Grey Book.” The name, also, was apparently inspired by the Process Church’s Grey Forces. The doctrines espoused by “Thee Grey Book” seem to figure into the activities of Mesner’s Grey Faction.

Now, I’m going to briefly address a couple of paragraphs in this book, which is in the chapter “The Grey Metaphor: From Force to Faction” which explains some things about the meaning behind The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction:

I’m going to paraphrase and quote some statements from a paragraph in this chapter.

The Satanic Temple’s “Grey Faction” has revived and is promoting “witch-hunt” or “moral panic” narratives, which originate with an organization started in 1992, called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which, according to Buntovnik, ” has close ties to Mesner and current “Grey Faction” director Sarah Ponto Rivera (see: 3.1).” They are promoting the idea that the past allegedly false accusation epidemic of the 80s and 90s could begin once again, unless measures are taken against the medical establishment (namely, the American Psychiatric Association) Buntovnik calls this “scientism” in which the Satanic Temple conflates its “religion” with established orthodox science, calling the established science pseudoscience. This is consistent with their roots through the Process Church to their ancestor religion Scientology, which has its own science, called Dianetics,” and which refers to the established science of psychiatry as pseudoscience and quackery.

Now, before I continue with Buntovnik, I will point out that arguments made by members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation are in perfect harmony with doctrines of the Sinister Trinity, especially those two factions of it that are difficult to talk about publicly. There are some passages in their scriptures that say it is acceptable to attack children from infancy to the age of three, partly in the belief that the child will not remember–but, of course, the children do remember and sometimes they repress such memories, and if the memories are repressed they sometimes emerge later in life, even without therapy.This abuse of children leads to all kinds of harms.

Also, I want to mention another name that may help you in your research. The name is Ralph Charles Underwager. He was an American minister, a theologian, a psychologist, and a founding member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection of child abusers. He was also accused of being a supporter of pedophilia because of statements he made, including those in an interview to Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia (1987-1995, but, of course, it is still under copyright). Underwager rose to fame for being an expert defense witness for accused child abusers in the 1980s and 1990s. In court and in the media, Underwager claimed that 60% of women abused in childhood reported that the experience was good for them, he characterized child protection investigations as nothing less than an “assault on the family as an institution,” and he alleged that 75% of mothers alleging such abuse in custody proceedings suffered from a “severe personality disorder” that prompted them to manufacture false allegations. [Note: He claimed that forensic interviews with children inevitably lead the child to confabulate an account of satanic ritual abuse because the “fantasy world of children is filled with mayhem, murder, cannibalism, blood and gore.” He claimed that the interview process itself provoked this sadistic fantasy life.] (Wikipedia, “Ralph Underwager)

Back to Buntovnik:

The final paragraph of this chapter in Buntovnik’s book pertains to Genesis P-Orridge’s literature, entitled, “Thee Grey Book”: (I am now quoting from Buntovnik:)

…we note that the full implications of P-Orridge’s “guiltless sexuality” doctrine can be seen clearly in the incest, rape, and pedophilia-condoning passage from Thee Grey Book. Thee Grey Book’s encouragement of engaging in “sexual fantasy […] regardless of the […] age of [the object of the fantasy]” and “mak[ing] these things really happen” is quite alarming, and all the more so for its implication in the belief system of The Satanic Temple and its “Grey Faction,” whose entire raison d’être hinges closely on the issue of child sexual abuse and discrediting victim narratives (P-Orridge et al. 48).

You can find this chapter and the entire book at his wordpress blog, and again, the author’s name is Daniel K. Buntovnik. Also, you will find P-Orridge’s “Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth” at and you will see that it contains passages similar to what I just read to you from Buntovnik’s Ebook, “Anatomy of a Crypto-Fascist Sect: The Unauthorized Guide to “The Satanic Temple.” [Also, see:]

Another chapter in Buntovnik’s book, which I found especially interesting and informative is called “Witchy Protests and Fake Feminists,” because it pertains to some of the things that have been directed at us courtesy of The Satanic Temple and the “identity correction” activists associated with it.

There is also a great deal to learn about The Satanic Temple at the website of Shane Bugbee,, who describes himself as a priest of the Church of Satan who was befriended by a man he knew as Doug Messner, who it seems used him to get information that was then used in the creation of this practical joke turned cult known as The satanic Temple. I’m paraphrasing Bugbee there.

Shane Bugbee’s blog appears to be no longer viable on the web, so you have to go to’s waybackmachine,, to read a cached version of it. There is a very relevant article that is or was posted by Bugbee on January 24, 2014, which is called, “Religion: A Master and Slave Relationship.”

Bugbee’s site appears to have ceased to exist on the web fairly recently maybe in 2019 that it went inactive and disappeared from the web, but you will find him talking about the Satanic Temple Organization being a fraud and a front for something else, and says he is not entirely sure what it is a front for–but that it is certainly about extracting large sums of money from the gullible–he talks about how he was invited to play a role in their fraud but refused, how an actor was initially hired to play the role of Lucien Greaves, which is a tradmarked name that is more of a title than a person’s name. He disavows any relationship with the organization and also makes the connection to the type of political activism associated with Beautiful–and marketing practices used by Edward Bernays and also the ruthlessness of Might is Right philosophy. He mentions that Mesner is a card-carrying member of the Church of Satan, which anyone with a little over $200 and who takes the time to fill out some paperwork can do. In some other material that can be found online, it appears that Mesner used Bugbee to gain access to some prominent members of the old Process Church of the Final Judgment in order to obtain more information about the organization.

He talks about why religion is bad and that he doesn’t like it that The Satanic Temple is promoting religion–something that seems to have caught, at least, one popular member of the atheist community of Austin, who overall seem to be pretty fond of the satanic temple, off guard. (Believe me, they’re all in for a big surprise one of these days- so, stay tuned, as they used to say on T.V.)

Again, The satanic Temple is a Christian organization comprised of theistic Satanists–posing as atheistic Satanists. and identity correcting modern Satanism and by extension witchcraft and occultism in the eyes of the gullible public. It is an organization representing the values and interests of the religious left, and as far as they are concerned the end justifies the means. They have the same problems that a lot of other Christian organizations have, which is why they are obsessed with covering up crimes against children.

Bugbee’s last words in the post, which you will have to go to The Church of Satan’s fact sheet on the Satanic temple, collect the link, then put it in’s wayback machine and the most direct way to find the wayback machine is to type in— Bugbees article ends with the statement: religion is a control mechanism. beware – be aware.

Also, over at, There are some videos of Bugbee interviewing a man named Timothy wyllie from the Process Church, which was made when Bugbee was still working with Mesner, you can hear him talking about “Doug” and saying some interesting things. The videos are enlightening and they help to verify the things Bugbee has said in this article from his website and elsewhere. These videos are posted at and the title is: April 12 2008 – interview with occultist and artists timothy wyllie and steven leyba – Mountainair/Albuquerque, NM by Amy & Shane Bugbee.

If you start looking into the Satanic Temple, the Process Church of the Final Judgment and the Grey Faction, expect to spend more than a few minutes or hours. You will likely spend the first several hours or days just trying to process what you are reading before you can start putting it together. At least, I did. I had only vaguely heard of the Process Church before. They are a Christian New Age, west coast hippie type of organization in my view. It involves a lot of English people, but it’s very California. It’s far removed from my world and my own interests and experiences. They are Apocalpytic Christians, and they are not occultists despite weak attempts to link them to Crowley, there are no connections apart from a group of them having visited an Abbey of Thelema in Spain on one occasion, which Wyllie mentions in the interview.

The Church of Satan’s fact page on these Judeo-Christians, who behave very much like the worst kind of Christians, and who call themselves The Satanic Temple is a very good place to start. I also recommend a site linked from there to an organization that goes by the acronym SMART, which stands for “Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today” According to the site, it is a newsletter, which was founded in 1995 by Neil Brick. Mesner and The Satanic Temple really dislike Neil Brick and it was he who was the main target of their “identity correction” prank in Florida, which I mentioned at the very beginning of this monologue. They were also targeting a Republican candidate named Rick Scott and you can find a lot online by using these names as keywords for your searches. But, behind the scenes they, with their Grey Faction, have been targeting not only Brick, but others associated with him and some survivors, who I don’t want to name them because they are survivors, they are still dealing with a lot of trauma, and this is being compounded because they have been targeted by Mesner and his minions–and you can imagine that cult ritual abuse survivors are already very vulnerable and if there is anyone in need of empathy and compassion it is these survivors of horrific child abuse at the hands of apocalpytic christians calling themselves satanists. But Mesner apparently has no empathy or compassion for them. He’s worried about the perpetrators of the abuse, whom he calls innocent, persecuted, “witches.” If they just hadn’t been using language like this–calling themselves witches and posing as occultists in public– to further their apocalyptic cult agenda, then they wouldn’t have come to my attention the way they have.

The web address for Neil Brick’s Smart is and you will find that Neil Brick has other websites and he hosts and participates in professional conferences at which they discuss trauma and dissociation in relation to all kinds of child abuse, including ritual abuse. Mesner and the Grey Faction brag about disrupting these conferences, which are comprised of sex abuse survivors and psychologists–their stated goal is to change Federal laws and stop government funding that benefits abuse survivors, and to eliminate from the psychiatric field diagnoses that interfere with the activities of child abusers.

Brick describes the goals of his organization’s upcoming conference as follows:

  • To help stop future occurrences of ritual abuse

  • To help survivors of ritual abuse

  • To name the groups that have participated in alleged illegal activities

  • To unite those working to stop ritual abuse

When you see what Neil Brick is trying to do, I think it is clear why he and his associates have been targeted by this apocalyptic Christian cult masquerading as atheistic Satanists.*** Many of the therapists are themselves survivors of extreme abuse, including ritual abuse, and Mesner individually targets some survivors in his speeches, putting pictures of them in his video presentations, naming them, ridiculing them, then calling them paranoid for believing that he or anyone else is harassing them. You will see him doing this is some of the videos at the Youtube channel, called, “Grey Faction.”

Just as the Church of Satan has a Fact Sheet on Mesner’s organization because they are being targeted, Brick’s SMART at also has a fact sheet on the Satanic Temple because they, too, are being actively harassed by them. There is no question about this happening because Mesner and his minions admit they’re doing it in numerous interviews, which may be found at Youtube. There are two main pages of interest at, which are jumping off points for your further research. These are:

Grey Faction, Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves Fact Sheet

Possible Hate Groups – How Do They Effect Survivors and Their Resources

Looking at things like this for long periods of time it not good for your psyche, however, it’s interesting because it is relevant to things that are going on right now, including this Christian deception being perpetrated by the Satanic Temple, and I predict there will be more about the Satanic Temple that will come out at some point in the future that will surprise many people, especially those on the cultural left in the U.S. because they have been the main dupes.

I have also begun to conclude–and the evidence seems to be mounting to support the idea–that, at least, one other institution of supposedly atheistic Satanism is, in fact, comprised of theistic Satanists–by which I mean, Judeo-Christians, in this case, with a belief in Molech or Baal as counterparts to Jehovah and Yahweh, and they worship the dark side of their God. It seems that we may have other Judeo-Christians posing as atheists and atheistic Satanists and the Satanic Temple is just the first to be so obvious about it. But there is one supposedly atheistic Satanic organization that you may find suspiciously omitted from my list of occult Satanists, by which I mean atheistic Satanists derived from from LaVeyan Satanism, which I mentioned earlier. The founder of that omitted organization has been accused by many people, who are now adults, of all kinds of horrific abuse. He is well-known and has been publicly calling himself a Satanist for decades ever since he dressed in black and went on television in the late 1980s.

Questions still linger about why Mesner, who centers his Grey Faction around what appears to be a high school essay he wrote about events that would have happened when he was about 15-years old, and which themselves are suspicious in the context that they appear to have been injected into the public conversation, at the time, to divert attention away from the perpetrators of extreme child abuse, including ritual abuse, in the first place. But he has taken up this mantle for some reason and is giving speeches-actually it’s pretty much the same limited speech, which begins by him talking about the book, “Michelle Remembers,” and he tells half-truths at his lectures about the McMartin Preschool Case, and he focus like a laser bean on one case in which a therapist was accused of causing a woman to kill her child in order to protect him from further abuse, which they say was not happening. Curiously, Mesner often gives the same speech at skeptical, atheist and humanist groups, many of who are not only hostile to occultism, in general, but are hostile to anything outside of their own narrow personal experiences and perceptions. So, they are not the most open-minded people and they laugh when he shows them images, tells them names, and ridicules victims of ritualized abuse, calling them “delusional” and “disturbed,” when they are people who are obviously suffering… and they are suffering in part because of Mesner’s own self-evident targeted harassment of them. The question is, why is he now dredging up this old ruse from the ’90s, which was designed from the beginning, back then, to stifle the public’s curiosity about child abuse, to paint the victims as liars, claiming to expose therapists and victims and providing via mainstream media a likely explanation that the public would accept– and why is he promoting the idea that this alleged false allegation hysteria, this “witch hunt,” he calls it in which the witches are accused child abusers? Why is he suggesting that this hysteria of false allegations could occur once again, at any given moment, when he and his Satanic Temple and their Grey Faction–all Mesner essentially– is the ONLY one talking about it?

There are many atheistic Satanists, many other different kinds of occult practitioners, many witches and witchcraft cults throughout the U.S., and members of our community are rarely in the news for committing violent crimes, let alone ritualistic abuse crimes. He says he’s protecting us. But, clearly we do not need his protection from anything, and besides that he’s causing trouble for us, so what is this all about? Ultimately, the lingering question here may be, Is he just working for himself? Or is he working for someone else? Because it certainly looks like he may be running interference for someone else.

But, I will leave you to discover whatever there is to be discovered about this.


Because I am a witch and occultist and not a political activist, I recommend that you quietly and discreetly begin using Bitcoin and altcoins as a means of alternative transaction in order to get people who do not have your best interests at heart out of your life. This is why I have written a free ebook on on the subject of using cryptocurrencies as a means of alternative transaction for all members of the occult and pagan community. It’s a book about business and using information system technology and it provides some ideas for how you can get around the censorship problem you’ve been hearing about or maybe you have been experiencing yourself.

It includes a chapter on how to safely obtain your first bitcoin and begin using it for peer to peer transactions. It is called, The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio Bitcoin and Altcoins Patronage Program. You can download it absolutely freely, no opt-in, no strings attached, if you visit my blog: The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio WordPress blog. If you are a traditional witch or occultist, it is free for you to join our private discussion. Simply, email our administrator, Max Goddard. His email address is: []

Thank you for listening. Please, join me for the next episode of my Occult Files.


*Eden, Dawn, “UPDATED WITH ACTION ITEM: Harvard can do better than give a platform to a “Black Mass” promoter who ridicules sex abuse victims,” Patheos, May 8, 2014.

**The people they have brought on board, including a woman they had in their organization before she called for the death of the President, claim to be occult experts, but do not have even basic knowledge of the subject. This now former Christian religious leader says she is a “feminist witch,” however, there is no indication that she has any knowledge of witchcraft and in interviews is unable to give answers to questions concerning basic information about modern occultism. It is fine to not know things, but someone claiming to be an “expert” in a particular field or area should be able to answer very basic questions about the subject. When asked to explain the Left Hand Path, she replied:

Sure… um, you know well I think that the left hand path and right hand path conversation and concept is, um, I mean it is, uh, many ways of interpreting it, I think, and certainly there is not one that is better than the other, although I’m sure some people would argue one way, uh, I, I, think that the right hand path is very much relating to certain ideas or attitudes, um, adapting a very specific moral code and a belief in a form of judgment, something that’s very – – very much in line with, uh, societal thinking and just, uh, constructs of power.

Uh, the left hand path is choosing or adapting kind of an attitude that breaks that taboo that abandons this traditional set of moralities and uh – — sorry I have a cat in my face — -uh and it is one that, uh, you know, um, it, er, uh, you know celebrates the kind of international humanity within all of us, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad, if those are words you want to use, but in essence we’re talking about humans so, um, so I think the left hand path doesn’t shy away from those things, it confronts them, its about accepting and embracing that aspect of ourselves without shame and, uh, and and doing that is seen or interpreted as um somewhat of a negative or can be interpreted as a um perjorative term, er, or, er er, um, or form of of thinking or practice…. so I think that’s what makes it um um so so subversive in many ways and and, uh, identifying as an outsider and identifying as part of that subversive nature is I think is what, uh, part of the left hand path is, it is, you know you, you know, the you know, the idea originally about left hand path being that you can’t [expletive deleted]someone with your left hand they could be an enemy or they could be hiding a weapon.

Then the interviewer, who also has no idea, says:

A very interesting point that you raise right there because, yes, uh the left hand path is indeed, um, you know, the mindset and the way of being and the philosophy of improving yourself at the very least…

***”Grey Faction- Excerpt of Satanisms Continued Fight Against Witch- Hunters- AA of America Con” Posted on Oct 24, 2015, YouTube, User: Word Skeptic.

The mention of Josef Mengele torturing people seems to be really funny to this audience. Mengele reportedly died in 1979 and many people on the North American continent have reported being abused usually as children by Mengele or, at least, someone claiming to be Mengele, sometimes going by another name. There is no reason to dismiss any claim of child of abuse out of hand without an investigation. But, apparently, this is what The Satanic Temple means when it says, “reason.”

ISSTD stands for International Society for the Study of Trauma. For unexplained reasons, The Satanic Temple and especially its Grey Faction appear to have some kind of grudge against this organization and its members, many of whom are also survivors of childhood abuse. In the video referenced here, Mesner, says it is his aim to destroy this organization and the careers of its members. They appeal to the APA, the American Psychiatric Association, to remove their professional license, as they have attempted to do in the case of Neil Brick–an attempt, which failed. If you want to see what kind of people get involved with The Satanic Temple, take a glance at some of the comments on their page at There is also a great deal of support for Neil Brick, especially from other survivors:

The following is a transcription of some of the final words from the video referenced in this note, at about 29 Min. into the video, Mesner as Lucien Greaves says:

…It’s one of the original things I really wanted to take on with The Satanic Temple was, uh, fighting the witch hunters on terms they would never expect to be confronted on and something I’m hoping to do with some of these conferences is network with with people who can help us achieve those goals. And Sarah is our point person for the Grey Faction within the Satanic temple where we are trying to devise ways to destroy the careers of people like Ellen Lacter and destroy organizations like ISSTD.

Of course, “Witch hunters” means victims of abuse and professional Ph.D.s, licensed with the American Psychiatric Association. Apparently, even being a speaker at one of these ISSTD or one of Neil Brick’s conferences can be cause for you to be labeled a “witch hunter.” Lacter is another Ph.D. and member of the American Psychiatric Association who has been a particular target for harassment.

Final comment:

Because it’s relevant to this whole subject and you probably need some comic relief by now, try watching the South Park Episode, called “Sons of Witches.”



Witchcraft is Occultism, Not Political Activism

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old-woman-who-swept-the-sky-1884-a-holt-t-t-e-meyerstein-lithous-public-domain-expired-copyright-commons-wikimedia-orgOn February 10, 2020, I was mentioned in an article posted at Coindesk, entitled “Why Cypherpunk Witches Love Bitcoin” in which I was wrongly framed as a “feminist author,” who writes “manifestos.” According to the Collins dictionary online, “A manifesto is a statement published by a person or group of people, especially a political party, or a government, in which they say what their aims and policies are.” In other words, it is a political statement of some kind.

As I state at the beginning of all of my monologues, I am an author of occult books. I write about witchcraft and occultism. I have written some horror fiction in the past, which has been pulled from publication because of some things to do with censorship back in 2012. I have spoken before about the problem of censorship of the horror genre. The books were pulled out of fear that they might pose a threat to my serious, non-fiction work.

I write books on witchcraft and the occult, most of which are practical and one of which, Traditional Witches History of the Occult Banking System, is a book of occult history combined with business and technology, especially written for members of the witchcraft and occult community. I wrote that book, in part, because of my ongoing experiences with censorship and problems with thieving third parties. My motivations are entirely professional and centered on business. I find it absurd to have state that I am not a political activist and I do not write any kind of manifestos, but I feel I must. Members of the materialist atheist community and others who engage in political activism in the name of witches and occultists have put me in a position where I must defend my name and my work from false and potentially inflammatory mischaracterizations.

I have posted one article at the Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism WordPress blog clarifying that witchcraft and occultism are not euphemisms for something political and defending myself from the charge of being a political activist who writes political manifestos, which I regard as a potentially dangerous accusation, especially in the current climate of violent political contention. The article is entitled, “Witchcraft is Not Political Activism, Ritual is Not Performance Art, and ‘Witch’ is Not a Euphemism for ‘Feminist.’” and it was posted on February 12, 2020. As I have stated before in these monologues, traditional witchcraft is apolitical. Likewise, occultism, which is the study and practice of the occult, is also apolitical. They are best described as spiritual practices, which often have much more to do with the metaphysical world than the physical one.

As you are undoubtedly aware, The Satanic Temple is a satirical organization of materialist atheists who engage in obscene performance art for political purposes, while they ridicule occultism and witchcraft. They are political activists. In their attempt to obliterate the history of occultism, they have especially targeted The Church of Satan, but in so doing, they have made a target of all of us, witches, occultists, and pagans alike.

Where the attack on witchcraft, itself is coming from seems less obvious.

In an effort to understand why the word “witch” is now apparently being interpreted as “feminist” and why witchcraft is being interpreted as political activism, I performed a quick web search and discovered a seemingly endless barrage of articles characterizing witches as feminists and witchcraft and occultism as some form of political activism.

Here are some of the headlines:

“You Can’t Separate Witchcraft from Activism,” from a site the name of which contains an obscenity I will not use.

“‘Waking up to our power’: witchcraft gets political,’ at The Guardian.

“Witches Explain How To Take On Political Power With Occult Magic,” from the Huffington Post.

“Witch Activism It’s Happening Now”

“Every Witch is an Activist,” from Patheos, a questionable site that partners with Time Magazine, which is part of the same conglomerate that owns CNN, all of which is owned by members of the Sinister Trinity.

“The Witch Continues to Enchant as a Feminist Symbol,” from The New York Times, an article that politicizes witches and ignores the fact that witches are quite often men and boys.

“This Is How Real-Life Resistance Witches Say They’re Taking Down the Patriarchy: And why one witch believes their hex on Trump worked.” This was posted at the Marie Claire website. Incidentally, there are no such things as “resistance witches” in occultism.

“Each month, thousands of witches cast a spell against Donald Trump: How the witches of the #MagicResistance rise up against the Trump administration,” from Vox.

“Meet The Anti-Fascist Witches Casting Spells To Destroy Trump: Political protest and witchcraft have a long and storied history,” from Vocativ.

It appears these activists are working with their friends at Christian Broadcasting Network News, which is part of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, which ran an article, “Christians and Jews Combat Witches’ Summer Solstice Satanic Spells on Trump,” posted June 21, 2017.

Finally, a headline at The New York Times, posted Oct 24, 2019, asks, “When Did Everybody Become a Witch?”

The answer is they are not witches. They are imposters.

Traditional witchcraft and occultism are apolitical subjects.

Further, contrary to the journalist’s false accusation of engaging in political activism, I discourage witches and occultists from engaging in political activism for a number of reasons and encourage instead the use of Bitcoin and especially “privacy coins” to undermine the power of our historical enemies. I elaborate on the reasons for this in the book,  Traditional Witches History of the Occult Banking System, in which I discuss this in different ways in multiple chapters of the book. This is a book of business, banking, and technology written especially for members of our community and has nothing to do with either feminism or any other political subject. So, to be direct, I am in opposition to political activism and see it as a waste of time. If you want to change every aspect of the current system, which I call the “In God We Trust” system, then use cryptocurrencies for transactions.

To get a sample of what is going on with these impersonators, listen to the Talk Heathens encouraging this chicanery at our expense in a YouTube video, at their channel, “Talk Heathens,” posted January 29, 2020, entitled “Could the Satanic Temple Help Us Get a Nativity Scene Down? | Anthony – TX | Talk Heathen 04.04” In this video, they encourage a political activist who calls in to pose as a witch, in particular as a Wiccan, or Satanist.

See a similar article posted at the Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism WordPress blog, entitled “Witchcraft is Not Political Activism, Ritual is Not Performance Art, and ‘Witch’ is Not a Euphemism for ‘Feminist.’”

If you would like to listen to the monologue associated with this article, please, visit:

The following monologue describes the tactic being used by political activists against witches and occultists and against The Church of Satan: “Identity Correction” Political Activists Lie, Impersonate Witches and Occultists” (Opens at Bitchute)

Sophia diGregorio

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Why Witches and Occultists Need Bitcoin

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Don't Waste Time - Prosperity Awaits with BitcoinWe’ve just uploaded another monologue about how Bitcoin can help members of our entire metaphysical community by lowering costs of merchandise, increasing profits for sellers, eliminating third-party interference in our communications and commerce, and opening the road to freedom in every way imaginable.

Like the other files, this is an audio presentation with some slides, which is posted at a few different places around the web:

Sophia describes the difficulties for occult merchants because of restrictions and bans on the sale of occult items by prominent financial service providers, the implications of this to members of the entire pagan community, and how Bitcoin and altcoins provide a solution to the problem of religious discrimination against witches. She also describes how Bitcoin may be used to increase the wealth of our community’s members and the importance of not relying on the system put in place by those are historically enemies to witches and pagans. She also describes her private, cryptocurrency-based patronage program and extends an invitation to traditional witches and occultists to join a private discussion.

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We are very privacy-minded, which is why we have chosen a discussion group that is off the beaten path. We don’t like surveillance. We don’t like people tracking us. And, so we’ve chosen a tried and true discussion group/optional email list style of discussion.  We think we can do better at providing our members more privacy at some point in the future. But right now, we’re just getting started.

We’ve already had some interesting discussion and we’d like to add more perspectives. Traditional witchcraft is a universal concept and “the occult” refers to any hidden practice or hidden information. We have room for many diverse views on the subject of witchcraft and the occult and we welcome them all.

If you are interested in discussing such subjects as psychicism, tarot, occult books, lost histories, ancient languages, pagan religions and spirituality, Spiritualism, divination, dreams, psychicism, clairvoyance, astrology and, of course–our specialties, Most Holy Death (Santa Muerte) and the use of cryptocurrencies for privacy, anti-witch discrimination and prosperity–then, please email our administrator Max Goddard and just tell him a little bit about your interests. His email address is:


We wish you a Merry Yuletide!


Sophia diGregorio

Traditional Witchcraft and Vampirism: A Series of Two Videos

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Vampire by Edvard Munch
Vampire by Edvard Munch

Enjoy two entertaining episodes of The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio all about the relationship of vampires and vampirism to traditional witchcraft. In Vampires I, Sophia describes popular conceptions of vampires and their origins in 19th century English and French literature, including John Polidori’s Vampyre, Rymer’s Varney the Vampire, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Paul Feval’s La Vampire. She describes the relationship of vampirism to modern science and the use of the blood of younger people to nourish and reduce symptoms of aging in older people. She also mentions vampirism as a spiritual path.

In Vampires, II, Sophia describes instances of vampirism around the world, beginning in ancient Sumer and including witches in Mexico and The Philippines. She compares the English literary and Hollywod vampire image to the worldwide conception of vampirism in traditional witchcraft. This monologue explores the relationship of vampirisim to traditional witchcraft and pagan spiritualism worldwide.

Monologue 6, recorded June 30, 2019, Obsidian Mirror, “Vampires I: Vampirism and Witchcraft.” Approx. 29 Min. Also, try: Drop.Space.

Monologue 7, recorded July 31, 2019, Obsidian Mirror: “Vampires II: Vampires Around the World.” Also, try: Drop.Space.

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