Why Witches and Occultists Need Bitcoin

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Don't Waste Time - Prosperity Awaits with BitcoinWe’ve just uploaded another monologue about how Bitcoin can help members of our entire metaphysical community by lowering costs of merchandise, increasing profits for sellers, eliminating third-party interference in our communications and commerce, and opening the road to freedom in every way imaginable.

Like the other files, this is an audio presentation with some slides, which is posted at a few different places around the web:





Sophia describes the difficulties for occult merchants because of restrictions and bans on the sale of occult items by prominent financial service providers, the implications of this to members of the entire pagan community, and how Bitcoin and altcoins provide a solution to the problem of religious discrimination against witches. She also describes how Bitcoin may be used to increase the wealth of our community’s members and the importance of not relying on the system put in place by those are historically enemies to witches and pagans. She also describes her private, cryptocurrency-based patronage program and extends an invitation to traditional witches and occultists to join a private discussion.